Advanced Flower Course

6 Week  advanced florist/flower arranging courses Bristol. (£216)  Each lesson lasts 2 hours



Please email using the contact page to express your interest, we need at least six people to run the course.  Our next course should start in the spring of 2015.  The advanced course runs for 2 hours.


Lessons lasts for 2 hours and take place on a Saturday.  Note this course is suitable for students who have completed the beginners course already, or for those who have some knowledge/experience and are confident that they can easily carry out all arrangements in the beginners level course.


The course is held at the St Werburghs Community Centre, just off junction 3 of the M32 in central Bristol.    A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking, with the balance to be settled in week 1.  Please call or email to reserve your place for the next course.


Sign up by clicking here


Week 1:  Parallel Contemporary Arrangement
Make a parallel arrangement within a block of Oasis, a contemporary look that could fit well in a modern venue – balanced equally on both sides.  Look also at making a frilled side to the arrangement with Florist ribbon.
Week 2: Make a Garland
Building from week 1, we will make a Garland that could be used for a special event like a wedding, or for decorating a banister or fireplace in your home.  We will finish the lesson by making topiary tree bases for week 3, these will then set ready for the next week.
Week 3:  Topiary Tree
Make a flower topiary tree in a pot!  Learn how to adapt your skills with Oasis and build a round-ball of flowers and foliage to form the tree of your arrangement. We will finish the lesson by looking at the colour wheel and how we can apply it to floristry
Week 4: Triangle Arrangement
We will make a small triangle arrangement which could be used very nicely on a pedestal at a church or in another suitable venue.  We will also look at creative ideas for weddings.
Week 5:  Victorian Inspired Arrangement – Dutch Flemish
We will look at the art of Victorian flower styles and we will make an arrangement inspired by Dutch Flemish paintings.  We will also look at how to decorate a chair back and use ribbons creatively.
Week 6:  Competition Arrangement using other objects
We will make a competition style arrangement inspired by a theme – students will be asked to bring in objects to put within their arrangement to match the theme.  Including a base; like a large vase.  Themes to be chosen by the student – Examples of themes we could use – The Kitchen, Woodland animals, The High Street, Vintage Tea Party, etc. We will then all vote for our favourite arrangement (not our own) and the winner will leave with a little prize.  A range of foliage, leaves and flowers will be brought into the lesson by Pixi Flowers, but students are encouraged to bring some foliage with them from their garden, etc.
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