Flower Cupcakes Course


Cupcake making!  The current craze, everyone seems to be into it, talking about it, making crazy ones in a different array of colours/designs and all of sudden they get larger; the giant cupcake pan emerges!  Wow we say! – How do we eat that in one go? I certainly would like to try!


Here at Pixi Flowers Florist Bristol we have taken a new dimension to Cupcakes through the Cupcake Flower display!  They look good enough to eat, but are made out of miniature non-edible flowers.  We have decided to share our knowledge in this amazing subject through the Pixi Flower Academy.


Why not sign up and become up the next ‘Nigella’ or ‘Jamie’ of the flower world?


Note we take a maximum of 15 people per class, keeping the class small and the teaching quality high.  The cost of a session is £38, including flowers and equipment.  Students will leave the session with a box of their own flower cupcakes to enjoy at home.  Please note we build a wait list for this course and book a lesson once six people are listed, therefore please email to get your name down for the waitlist and we will be in touch very soon.

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