The Latest Craze?!?

Cupcake making!  The current craze, everyone seems to be into it, talking about it, making crazy ones in different colours, attending classes to learn how to make super cool ones, eating lots of them and all of sudden they get larger, the giant cupcake pan emerges!  Wow we say; how do we eat that in one go?  All I know I would like a good try!    We saw this back in the 70s with the fondue, re-launched recently with the chocolate fountain, where will we go next I wonder?


As a nation of concerned with the economy and going back to our roots by being thrifty, the next big thing is likely to be in line with our current climate.  We are all gradually turning into a ‘Make do and Mend’ nation; producing, mending things that have broken, upholding the re-use and recycle theme?  Maybe the next big thing will focus our time on making our own goods a little more, turning away from buying and consuming? Having a hobby by doing things like knitting/DIY, growing our own vegetables and even arranging our own flowers? The thrift culture is likely to continue into the medium term, we are all likely to consume less and try our hand at making some items to save some pennies.  The rise of the hobbyist!


You may have noticed hobby style classes like cooking schools, DIY lessons, bead making and flower arranging classes springing up in response to this growing hobby nation, teaching the basics of a craft and also having some fun in the process.


This is where I get a little mention for Pixi Flowers, (how can I not?) so if you would like to learn flower arranging and live in the Bristol or even Bath area.   Then why not join us for one of our flower arranging classes, or even try a different type of hen party; you never know you may become the next ‘Nigella’ or even ‘Jamie’ of the flower world!  Crafters, Brides, grooms will be able to arrange their own flowers and save money whilst learning a new hobby.  Flower arrangers can top up their skills with a few lessons here and there and what makes the best present in the world; something that has been crafted by hand with love and care!   Latest craze?  Hmmm I wonder? It’s just nice to think that maybe in the future we will all try are hand at making something and consuming less in the process.

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